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In December 2021, OTA announced a new program to be launched titled "ACCESS Oklahoma". 

ACCESS Oklahoma stands for Advancing and Connecting Communities and Economies Safely Statewide. This $5 billion, 15-year long-range plan identifies and addresses on-going highway infrastructure needs to improve access to communities across the Oklahoma turnpike network.

TEIM Design was selected to serve as the overall Utility Oversight Manager for this monumental transportation program that is comprised of 56 projects with 8 projects being placed in brand new locations. TEIM will be responsible for facilitating relocation of all utilities in conflict with projects in the ACCESS program. TEIM will partner with five other consulting firms to complete this work which will include utility reconnaissance, early relocation cost opinions, roadway plan reviews, field meetings with utility owners, utility relocation plan review, and field observation.  

Our company is proud to have received 2 portions of the Outer Loop-East-West Connector project. This project will feature our states first 5 level interchange. Considered a once in a lifetime project, it will feature very complex geometrics where the new turnpike and I-35 meet. Additionally, TEIM was awarded the extents just to the west of this massive interchange to include about 2.5 miles of turnpike and 1 new point of access at Western Avenue by way of an interchange.

TEIM Design was also selected to design a portion of the Turner Turnpike Widening that includes 5 miles of turnpike and 1 new access to the town of Depew with a new interchange.

TEIM Design is grateful for the opportunity to help the State of Oklahoma reach it's goal of being a top 10 state in overall transportation. These OTA projects will improve community connectivity, decrease traffic congestion throughout our state, and increase travel reliability.

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