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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

From construction plans, to public meetings, to mid/post construction drone flights and more, TEIM Design is ready to meet your civil engineering needs.

Civil Engineering

Our elite team of skilled project managers, project engineers, and technicians are ready to develop engineering documents ranging from municipal projects to freeway corridors.

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We work closely with our clients to design projects that not only improve safety, but also increase the operational efficiency of Oklahoma's transportation network. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of roadway design ranging from rural county roads up to freeway corridors and innovative interchanges like Oklahoma’s first single point urban interchange (SPUI).  Designing freeway corridors requires technical expertise and organizational skills to ensure the many details are handled correctly.  TEIM has the capability to provide interchange modification and Access Justification Reports as well as other reports necessary for the successful completion of design projects.

Roadway and Geometric Design

Creating preliminary design reports and accurate cost opinions for design projects has proven to be a valuable tool in identifying viable project solutions. TEIM Design creates professional and thoughtfully studied transportation geometric layouts to determine the best possible alternative by comparing cost opinions, traffic data, safety, environmental and right-of-way impacts, and more.  For municipal projects, our reports identify scope, project justification, cost opinions, streets, utilities, and right-of-way impacts.  The design reports allow the client and TEIM to develop concise project objectives and solutions.


Design Reports


Transportation Structural Design

Transportation engineers are increasingly being tasked with minimizing impacts to properties, utilities, and the environment in project areas. Our structural design department has the knowledge and experience to design structures both large and small that minimize these impacts. From interstate span bridges and retaining walls to special design culverts and municipal drainage inlets, our transportation structures are designed to meet our clients’ unique needs

Construction Inspection

We provide construction inspection services, ensuring that projects are constructed per the design plans and specifications.

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Subsurface Utility Engineering

As a new project is readied for construction, utility conflicts must be relocated for the project to begin smoothly and to not delay the construction timeline. There is nobody better at ensuring that goal than our utility engineers. Their experience, communication, and dedication drive great results and keep our projects on time!

Municipal & Infrastructure Design

From parking lots to docks and other municipal projects a city needs expertise, our team is up to the task of engineering once in a lifetime capital improvements.


NEPA Documentation & Public Involvement 

We perform agency and stakeholder coordination, public involvement, NEPA and environmental document preparation, permit preparation, and specialist field studies.

Field studies include:

  • Biological Assessment

  • Waters and Wetlands Delineation

  • Hazardous Waste Review

  • Traffic Noise Analysis

  • Cultural Resources Inventory

Roadside Hydraulics & Hydrology 

With extensive hydraulic design experience, our engineers are skilled at developing unique solutions to channelize and return the water to where it always flowed after the new construction is in place. Utilizing national and local standards, TEIM Design will develop innovative designs that are affordable and will meet all current and appropriate design criteria.

UAV Flights

Utilizing DroneDeploy software and a DJI Inspire 2 drone with Zenmuse X5S camera equipment, we can offer pre, progress, and post construction high definition video and photos of any project. UAV flights are becoming the norm for establishing real time baseline conditions for design, public involvement meetings, and pre-construction activities. They are additionally utilized for public relations on social media.

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