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About Us

We Build for People

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Companies like ours are becoming more and more of a rare commodity in this day and age; a local office, with about 40 employees, offering quality civil engineering design services. These qualities help to ensure that our engineering plans are consistent, efficient, and well communicated amongst our team members. Our people are diverse and bring unique design perspectives to every project.

Our Vision

The planning, design, and management of transportation & municipal projects requires technical expertise and organizational skills to ensure that the myriad of details are handled efficiently. TEIM Design’s project team has proven to possess such expertise and skill, demonstrated by the numerous projects we have designed for our state, county, and municipal clients. TEIM’s professional engineers and technical support staff have a vast amount of experience in the professional disciplines necessary to provide the services requested for these civil engineering projects. Providing quality designs with adherence to cost and schedule controls is their goal and end result.


Being honest, transparent, and fair with a talent for listening and understanding your needs are a few of our many strengths. We seek to learn each client's specific goals for your projects and work diligently to exceed your expectations.


Most of our engineers have lived in Oklahoma their entire lives. We know this state, its people, its terrain, and can offer innovative solutions to our clients' needs. 


Our Project Managers are trained to prioritize cost efficiency and thorough documentation of our work, with each project that comes through our doors. Transparency with our clients regarding budgets will always be observed.

Our Mission

We Aim to Connect our Communities

TEIM Design’s mission is to provide creative yet practical project solutions for our transportation, environmental, infrastructure, and municipal clients.


Our team-based approach recognizes that the successful completion of technical projects requires the full effort of TEIM’s skilled and experienced design professionals working in partnership with our clients.  TEIM’s professional staff incorporates unique solutions into common sense designs for our federal, state, county, municipal, and private clients.  TEIM Design takes pride in being extremely responsive to our clients’ goals by demonstrating design excellence, quality plan production, strict adherence to pre-construction and construction budgets, and on-time project delivery.




WTS Employer of the Year



2010-2013, 2018

National Award

Engineering Excellence Finalist

Gold Winner


Outstanding Design

Superior Design


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